Nail art inspo for the last days of summer

Aug/26/2020 05:07:31

Nail art inspo for the last days of summer

Believe it or not, the long-awaited summer is coming to its end. Many of us did not get the chance to even enjoy it at some exotic beach, catching the sun and doing watersports. However, this does not mean that you still cannot bring the summer to your nails. Since this is the season when all the bold colors, arts, and different designs are allowed, there is still time to make these last days sunny and colorful.

Take a look at some nail art inspiration that you can do at home or request from your nail artist. Wherever you do it, let your creativity come to light and experiment a little.

Neon creativity

Neon colors have dominated the fashion and beauty industry for a few seasons already. The return of the bright, strong, and bold shades that scream extravagance and dominance has transferred onto the nails too. For those who are a bit overwhelmed with monochromatic colored nails, there are lots of freestyle and artistic ways in which you can still try the neon trend. For example, try different shapes and lines on each nail, without any particular order. Just make them look tropical and cool.

Extravagant French manicure

French manicure is the most classic and common choice for those who want to keep the look of their nails simple, clean, and elegant. But, creativity and changes in the nail trends put the classic French mani into a new and a bit extravagant look. Instead of going for white ends on the tips, go for a different color. You can do all of the ends in the same color, or you can try each with a different one. Also, the base of the nail does not have to be transparent, it can be neutral or white.

Skittles Nails

This is the newest and most popular nail trend this summer. Just like the Skittles candies, make your nails interesting and joyful. Each nail is painted in a different color, which makes the hands symmetric and original. One way to do it is to go with pastel shades, the other is to choose five bold colors and achieve the rainbow effect. Whichever you choose, they will look fabulous.

Colorful marble

The marble effect on the nails has always been popular and interesting for many women. The subtle changes in color make the nails look appealing but discreet. Instead of doing it with the grey and white color, try your creativity with many different shades. Let your nails be the canvas, and just mix the nail polishes directly onto the nails.

Floral details

The floral print is one of the never-ending and never-out-of-style prints that are always present and popular. Adding a bit of flower power to your nails is just the right dose of difference that you need this summer. Whether you go for only one nail or all of them, the look will be unique and eye-catching.

Make your summer last with these nail inspiration.

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