Lauren Conrad launches a beauty brand

Aug/25/2020 07:04:25

Lauren Conrad launches a beauty brand

Celebrities and famous faces are always looking to leave their mark in this world with more than just being famous. With that, a huge percentage of them are trying out in the cosmetics and beauty industry. With the specially designed and manufactured products, inspired by their beauty and skincare routine, the celebrities are dominating the market with their creations.

Among the latest in the list of famous people who have tried out in this area is Lauren Conrad. "The Hills" star, known for her perfect winged eyeliner is now trying out in the makeup and cosmetics industry with her brand. Lauren Conrad Beauty, among the small but beautiful palette of products, features liquid liner and a range of lipstick colors.
Besides being a reality TV personality and fashion designer, Conrad entered this venture for the first time. She has previously never been involved with the beauty industry. On August 12, she announced that she is launching her clean makeup line – something that she has been working for years and her dream has finally come true. The products are ranging in price between $18 and $25, making them super affordable for everyone's budget. All of them, as well as the brand, are clean, ethically-sources, vegan, and eco-friendly, free of more than 35 different ingredients.

As of the moment, the collection consists of 5 different products: a lipstick, a lip gloss, eyeliner, lip and cheek tint, and a highlighter. Some would say that these are more than enough and essential for a woman to carry out in her makeup bag. One of the best angles of this brand is that all of the products and packaging can be recycled. To properly do so, every item has detailed instructions on how to do so. Since the starting packaging is with limited products, two of them come with a curated color selection and offer different choices. For example, the lipstick comes in four different shades: plum, magenta, mauve, and red. These shades are perfectly combined with the three sheer lip gloss colors: light pink, coral, and hot pink. The other three products are currently available in only one shade.

This is not the first entrepreneurship movement that Conrad has had. After putting the reality TV behind her, she has been present, for over a decade at Kohl’s, under the name LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s. She is also a founder of The Little market, a non-profit fair-trade shop and Little Lauren Conrad, a collection of baby and toddler clothing. This extensive business experience was more than enough for her to enter the beauty industry and launch a brand, with her name on it with a special focus on the eco-friendly approach – something that is considered highly appreciated and needed in these modern times.
As this is only a start, there are certainly more products to come from this brand soon. For now, its affordable prices are great for anyone willing to try out the products!

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