6 eye makeup trends to rock this F/W 2020

Aug/25/2020 04:12:56

6 eye makeup trends to rock this F/W 2020

Summer makeup is usually all about the shine, shimmer, and glitter. Golden and bronze tones dominate the face and eye makeup trends. But, as soon as fall hits, the makeup course suddenly changes, introducing darker and deeper tones, which makes many women just give up on eye makeup. This fall/winter season, to bring some varsity and color into the dull and boring makeup life during the pandemic, the beauty industry suggests making the eyes dominant part of the face. Since most of the time we are all wearing masks, why not transfer the creativity and focus on the eyes?
These are the 6 eye makeup trends that those who are feeling bold and into this should try.

White eyeliner

White liner is not only a summer eye makeup choice. On the contrary, the resemblance with the white snow and the cold season makes it very trendy and expected eye makeup choice for the following F/W preference. It can come as only one line on the lower lid, two lines on the upper and lower lid, graphic lines, etc.

Colorful eyelashes

A bit unexpected and strange is the trend of the colorful eyelashes. Most of the women prefer black or brown lashes, maybe even dark blue. But the newest trends suggest adding some color to them. Why not have fun with pink of violet lashes, combining them with a matching eye shadow? It certainly is a daring move, but worth it!

Smudged eye shadow

Since all looks will be on the eyes on the upcoming F/W season, then it is best to make the most out of it. The discreet eye shadow of the lids is out and the new trends introduce the smudged eye shadow, all the way to the sides of the temple. Bold and well-blended colors that dominate the entire lid will make a great impression and create an eye-catching look.

Gems and accessories

The makeup accessories that come all over the face are usually a choice for themed events and music festivals. However, as this year we have not seen a bit of either, the trends suggest incorporating these accessories as part of the day or night look. Little gems, glitters, powdery shimmer, or anything that comes as an addition to the regular eye makeup is much welcome.

Outlined shadow

The eye shadow and the eyeliner have always been an inseparable duo. Although their preferred use is well-known and common, the most interesting and bold looks come exactly from a bit of different approach. The newest trends put the shadows on the lids, but the eyeliner as the frame. That is how you get the outlined eye shadow. As for the shapes – it is all up to personal likings.

Glossy lids

High gloss and shine and two adjectives that in the makeup industry are always associated with the lipsticks and lip glosses. To make a bit of change, this F/W season, add some gloss to the lids. With this touch, the eyes will look seductive, fresh, and cool.

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