Swimsuit trends that you can still try this summer

Aug/23/2020 05:36:14

Swimsuit trends that you can still try this summer

Summer is still not over. Although this summer season many did not get to enjoy the beaches in the best possible way, there is still time to catch the summer rays. And for that, you need a good swimsuit. Maybe the swimsuit might not seem like the most essential piece right now, there are still possibilities and options to enjoy the trends. Whether they are on sale or you have always wanted to own a piece like that, take a look at the current biggest trends that will help you out in your choice.


Just like in the past, the underwire has returned as part of the swimsuit trends. The previous fashion directions regarding the swimsuits did not include the underwire at all. Now, not only it is being included, but it is also accented and made more visible. The top can be with or without straps, as long as the underwire is accented and gives a better definition.


This is one of the biggest swimsuit trends for 2020. The shiny, shimmery nature of Lurex as a fabric makes the swimsuits suitable for the beach. There are many colorful options, but the best looks come from colors such as rich purple, bright turquoise blue, deep magenta, and classic black. With the incorporated shimmery details, these swimsuits will catch all the eyes.


Ruffles are an excellent and very nice addition and accessory to any fashion piece, especially swimsuits. In the past, the ruffles were only associated with the kids' beachwear, but the new and modern fashion includes the ruffles within the women's swimwear department too. The ruffles can come on both top and bottom, or at one-piece swimsuits. The most beautiful way to wear the ruffles is to have them on the straps, to the sides, and even to the back.

Modern prints

Every season comes with a new and modern set of prints that will be dominating that summer. This summer, some of the very well-known and very present prints are making a comeback in a refreshed version. The classic florals are present into micro variations and density, the polka dots come in all different colors and shapes. Tie-dye is the newest entry in the swimwear department, being extremely popular and requested. Form the animal prints, the leopard is a daring and strong choice that adds additional heat to the beachwear attire.

Minimalist swimsuits

Minimalist swimsuits are considered as a new entry for this season. Their look is quite impeccable. Clean and defined lines and cut, that can suit every body shape, in monochromatic vision that delivers a very elegant and clean look. The choice here is varied: one-pieces, one-shoulder necklines, and timeless bikinis. And to add a dose of a modern vibe, then some bright, bold and fun color will seal the look.

Most of these suggested choices will stay fashionable and classic for many years to come.

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