The Most Popular Shoes in American Teen Fashion

Aug/18/2020 04:16:13

The Most Popular Shoes in American Teen Fashion

Footwear as a fashion statement is growing increasingly popular in American teen fashion. Athletic sneakers, platform heels, and other shoes are gaining traction in streetwear, but not all of us are so educated about the world of shoes. This article will outline exactly what you need to know about the growing footwear trend.

Athletic Sneakers

Athletic sneakers are growing in popularity year after year. Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and other brands have been climbing the ranks of teen streetwear. Flashy hightops, AKA basketball shoes, by Jordan and Nike, especially. Teenagers love their flashy hightops and will often take better care of their shoes than their own dogs! If you don’t know where to even start, you can use an app like GOAT or another buy/sell shoe app to find exactly your style of shoe. You can even buy a cheap pair of shoes and paint/design them exactly the way you want to create your own original pair that no other kid on the block has. While on the hunt for new shoes, look for bright or dark colors, cool designs, and shapes. If you need any more inspiration, look to the popular social media app TikTok for exact models of shoes. As an added bonus, these are totally unisex!

Platform Heels

This shoe has gained popularity drastically with the “e-girl” TikTok trend; basically, they’re super tall heels with a very thick sole. Many times they come in super fun colors like pastel pink or darker colors like black. These heels are not easy to walk in, so start off with a basic heel to build up strength in your ankles; it’s very easy to sprain an ankle wearing these. If you want outfit inspo for these unique heels, look to the internet! Don’t know where to cop a beautiful pair of these? Try Amazon, eBay, and any other online outlet that sells shoes at great prices.


This goes back to the athletic sneakers trend, but Converse and Vans deserve their own section. Both brands have been worn by teens for decades and have never gone out of style! These shoes are perfect for a casual look or even going longboarding with some friends. When looking at Converse shoes, look for the Chuck Taylor variety, the most popular and classic shoe; they come in so many colors to match any and all of your outfits! Both shoes come in low-cut varieties if you don’t like the shoe on your ankle or hightops if you like the added support. These shoes are also completely unisex.


Basically, trends are pretty much all over the place. Heels, flats, athletic shoes, and more are all in style and perfectly wearable. If you like the shoes, wear them! That’s how the greatest trends are truly made. If you REALLY want to stick to the trends, try a sandal by Birkenstocks or the slides by Nike. Whatever you choose to rock, wear your style with pride.

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