How to Set up for Hip Thrusts If You Have Big Thighs

Aug/11/2020 23:20:14

How to Set up for Hip Thrusts If You Have Big Thighs

I have heard time and time again that hip thrusts aren’t made for women with big thighs. It’s a great glute exercise, but it requires rolling the barbell over the legs to get into position. For me, my thighs are too large for barbell plates, so I can’t roll the bar over my legs and straight over my hips. This made setting up almost painful as I tried shimmying the bar until it reached my hips.

After a myriad of trials and error, I’ve figured out my own way of setting up that doesn’t require any hassle. It’s so easy that with this method I actually like setting up for hip thrusts. It doesn’t require any awkward movement or extra strain on the body. Now, I’ll teach you how to set up for a hip thrust the right way.

First, place the bar in front of the bench, about a few feet away. Put as much weight as you want and level the bar so that it’s parallel to the bench.

Second, you’ll need two extra plates of the same size. These plates should be placed flat on the ground on both sides of where you’ll be sitting, in front of the bench. These plates are going to be the “bumper plates” for the hip thrusts. It’s very important to make sure that the bumper plates align with the plates on your bar. Two parallel lines should be created between each corresponding bumper plate and plates on the bar.

Third, sit with your back on the bench. Look at the bumper plates again and make sure that they are placed evenly on both sides, aligned with your hips. Also, double-check again that the plates on the bar will meet the bumper plates once you roll the bar towards your body. The bar should be sitting above your shins.

Lastly, firmly grip the bar and roll it over your legs and towards your body. Do this quickly so that the momentum will force the bar to roll onto the bumper plates and over your hips. If you do it slowly, you’ll just nudge the bumper plates back and the bar won’t actually lift up and onto the plates. Remember, speed is your friend here.

And, there you have it. To roll the bar off, just carefully give it a push off of the bumper plates and onto the ground. Then, keep rolling until it’s beyond your feet. I suggest practicing with lighter weights to get used to using bumper plates. Then, you can move on to heavier weights.

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